Earlier this year, when I first heard José Layman handle someone in distress on the phone, her patient listening, and quiet responses deeply affected me.

This resident of Stellenbosch, married to Brandon Layman and mother of two, Gené, 19, and Jaydon, 10, has been the office manager of GHSD (Good Hope Psychological Service) in Stellenbosch since January 2018.

José is legal secretarial qualified and has over the years gained valuable work experience in litigation as well as in a wide variety of administrative work. However, her passion is to work with people.

Apart from being mainly responsible for managing GHSD’s finances and statistics, she is also responsible for many other tasks, such as arranging workshops, preparing reports, applying for internships, etc.

José’s passion, however, is to work with people; to make a difference in our broken world in her way – one person at a time. She gains energy by working with people.

She is also grateful to work with wonderful colleagues and has great respect for what they do; It is challenging work that cannot be dealt with by anyone. They themselves take these challenges day by day and rely on God for wisdom, insight, and the strength for it.

Contact José Layman at [email protected] for more information.