Stories of Hope

09Jul 2020

Good Hope Psychological Service is very privileged to have Peter Morris as chairman of the board. But who is this interesting man? Peter is a born Bolander; he was born as the second oldest of six children in Vlottenburg near Stellenbosch where both his parents were farm labourers on the farm, Digtebij. “In those years, […]

29May 2019

I just want to thank you for what you have done for my son. Your consultations with him did him good. Seeing the changes at home and within him made me realize that people in your profession is much needed in our society. I will be forever grateful to you for bringing him to the […]

28Mar 2019

I have a sexual molestation background with all the abandonment and other abuse issues that accompany this sort of situation: In the past I was forbidden by my family to go for therapy. Everything in my life intensified at the age of thirty. When I moved to the States at the age of 24, I […]

28Mar 2019

Over a year ago a young man arrived at the hospital in need of psychological help. He had been almost entirely isolated and depressed for 9 years of his life. He was plagued by olfactory delusions and hallucinations (the unshakeable belief and experience of having a body odor unbearable to himself and others). His condition […]