Celia Julies was born and raised in Paarl where she currently still resides.  “Once a Paarlite, always a Paarlite,” she says.

She started off her undergraduate studies up to honours level at the University of the Western Cape where she completed a BA Degree with majors in English and Psychology.  She completed her Honours degree in Psychology thereafter.

As a result Celia first opted to go into teaching, got a Higher Diploma of Education in teaching and ended up teaching English and School Guidance (as it was called in the 90’s).  She ended up teaching for seven years while finishing her Master’s degree in Educational Psychology on a part time basis during that time . 

Celia did her internship at the University of Stellenbosch in their Educational Psychology Department, as well as at the Centre for Student Counseling in Victoria Street. 

She continued on her professional journey the year after starting off in the corporate world, going on to work in the Department of Correctional Services, servicing four management areas, thereafter lecturing for a few years at the Huguenot College in Wellington after which she opted to go into private practice while still having her one foot in the door at the College. 

It was around that time that her eldest started her schooling career and Celia opted for full time private practice. 

She has come full circle as she has started her journey with Good Hope Psychological Services towards the end of 2018 and this year (2019) that very same daughter of hers has started her first year studies at Stellenbosch University’s Tygerberg Campus.  

Celia is very happy to have been able to join GHPS (Good Hope Psychological Service) and hope to add value to the team in her position as an educational psychologist.  At GHPS she has the opportunity to live out her passion to help people, especially children and adolescents, with their needs. 

So, apart from play therapy, sand tray techniques and so forth she also does psychometric testing coupled with psychological evaluations on both intellectual as well as emotional level.  She enjoys working with people and strive towards living out her ethical responsibility towards empowering them and applying her help and assistance always to their benefit.

She says, “I would say at GHPS all our hearts are in the right places in our endeavors to help especially the previously disadvantaged communities.  However, resources are limited and we strive towards ACTING OUT THE STARFISH STORY TRYING TO THROW ONE STARFISH BACK INTO THE SEA IN ORDER FOR IT TO SURVIVE.  We take it one day at a time and the end result of making a difference drives me to try and try again …”

Celia is married to Roland and they have two children, a daughter (18) and son (15).

Contact Celia Julies at [email protected] for more information.

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