I just want to thank you for what you have done for my son. Your consultations with him did him good.

Seeing the changes at home and within him made me realize that people in your profession is much needed in our society. I will be forever grateful to you for bringing him to the point where he is today.

At one stage I thought that he would not be able to cope with all his anger. My son, today, is a different person in handling certain situations and I am glad that he had someone like you to talk to.

It was always a pleasure to listen to him on a Thursday afternoon, discussing your consultation and what he had learnt about himself and the different ways or ‘tools’ there are to handle different situations.

I have more confidence in him now that I know that he’s able to control his anger. Your work has had a great impact on his life. Measured against what you have achieved in my son’s life, I can just imagine what contribution you will be able to make in our society.

So keep up the good work – you will definitely be rewarded for it. I believe that you have made some sacrifices along your path for your education and today I can truly say those sacrifices, and the way you treat your clients, have made a huge difference in someone’s life.

I wish you well for your future and may you be blessed in all ways possible.

With lots of gratitude From a thankful mother

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