Jenni Twigg, registered counsellor of Good Hope Psychological Service in Stellenbosch, as well as in their Paarl branch, is a born Capetonian who obtained her degree in Psychology (BPsych) at a private university, Midrand Graduate Institute in Durbanville.

Because she has always had a passionate interest in the broader family system, she went on to study and completed her master’s degree in 2017 at the University of Cape Town. Her research was largely about “family resilience” and the factors that contribute to giving a family this resilience to bounce back and deal with life’s challenges despite setbacks.

She is currently studying further at Stellenbosch University and is pursuing her internship in psychometry with the goal of completing her skills set.

Jenni has gained valuable experience in her career on group work (parent guidance), individual therapy, child and marriage counseling.

She has been working at Good Hope Psychological Service, Paarl branch in TC Newman Hospital since 2016 where, and due to her psychometry internship, she currently only works with children.

She finds her work very interesting and especially enjoys the privilege of working with a client on his or her difficult journey to recovery, while at the same time building sound coping skills. In this regard, the TC Newman Hospital team supports each other to the extent that they can more easily face their daily challenges.

Jenni finds that the biggest challenges are the great lack of resources and especially the knowledge that you cannot always change the child’s environment or home environment. She therefore focuses on helping the child to be prepared to handle his or her own circumstances.

Jenni has two daughters, Hannah (15) and Leah (13) and three four-legged children who “freelance as therapy dogs when I had a rough day. I also wouldn’t be able to do this job without my support system – my husband and my parents. ”

Contact Jenni at [email protected] for more information.