As a registered non-profit organisation, GHPS is governed by a board of directors who oversees the Management Committee.

The Board of Directors is responsible for developing long-term policies and planning strategies for the organisation and its main task is to support the work of the Management Committee.

The Management Committee is responsible for, and has the authority to see to the daily running of the organisation and the implementation of the organisation’s policies and decisions, and the practical realization of its aims.

Board of Directors

Peter Morris (Human Resource Consultant, Stellenbosch)
Read more about him HERE
Dr Sherine van Wyk (Counselling Psychologist, Stellenbosch University)
Cheryl Farao (Social worker and CSI manager, Remgro)
Victor Pool (Strategic Director, Cape Town)
Carien de Klerk (Director of GHPS)
021 887 7913/
074 043 3234

Management Committee

Carien de Klerk (Director of GHPS)
074 043 3234
Sara van Tonder
( Clinical Pastorate )
081 378 2981
Marleen van Rooyen
( Reg. Psychiatric Sister )
074 043 3234