Marleen van Rooyen is our cordial and friendly networker of GHSD (Good Hope Psychological Service) in Stellenbosch who since 2017 has been helping to raise awareness of the importance of emotional health and the service we provide. She is a good stakeholder networker and she also serves on the management of GHSD.

Marleen is originally from Gauteng. She was born in Pretoria, and grew up and went to school in Centurion. She obtained her B Cur degree at Pretoria University and her MBA (Cum Laude) at Stellenbosch University.

In addition to the networks Marleen does for GHPS, she also sees clients for therapy and counseling (at GHPS as well as in her own private practice) as a registered psychiatric nurse. They are mostly people with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship problems and grief. She has also previously worked in Brisbane, Australia in psychiatric hospitals and at institutions as a registered psychiatric nurse.

Marleen says, “It is a great privilege for me to be able to create an environment for clients in which they can become emotionally healthy and discover abilities within themselves, as well as gain perspective and insight into their situations.

“I enjoy external liaison with other organizations, as well as raising awareness of the importance of emotional well-being and the service we provide. It is also my passion to share information about emotional health with the wider community.”

Regarding her biggest challenge, Marleen answers as follows, “Despite the fact that they are often caught up in desperate circumstances, clients must still be able to find perspective, insight and hope.

“In terms of awareness, it is about informing all our communities about the importance of emotional well-being and about the enormous contribution that GHPS makes to a more stable society. The larger public and more organizations must be able to share in our vision.”

Marleen is married to Inus van Rooyen and has a son and daughter.

Contact Marleen at [email protected].