Our Story


To develop the dignity and emotional well-being of children, adults and families.

Our Mission

To provide accessible, professional mental health services through individual and group therapy.


Elzab√© Broekmann, founder of Good Hope Psychological Service, on how it all began: “It has been my desire for many years to contribute to the psychological well-being of my fellow South Africans. Therefore, in 1996, when the future of the only service that offered free therapy to the community at the time was in the balance I was keen to get involved with helping to establish a new service.

“When the Unit for Counselling Psychology (US) (which rendered a psychological service to the community) closed, the director of the unit started an alternative free psychological service at Stellenbosch Provincial Hospital and I was appointed as the supervisor for the intern psychologists who worked at the hospital.

“At the end of 1999, when the university withdrew its financial support for this project, its future looked dim. But with the help of the social worker at the hospital, the state psychiatrist and myself were able to keep the service going and survive the uncertainty of 2000. From 2001 onwards, we have been able to offer an uninterrupted service with the financial support of a Stellenbosch Trust.

“In 2003, the state psychiatrist and myself started a similar service at the TC Newman Provincial Hospital in Paarl. Despite financial difficulties these two services are still, til now, providing about 1 000 people annually with a sympathetic ear and expert psychological help.

“My personal motto is to listen to the music of life through the inevitable static. My hope is therefore that our clients at GHPS will also, through our efforts, be enabled to hear the music of life, albeit more difficult in their adverse circumstances.

“I salute the spirit of ordinary South Africans, especially those who amidst suffering, hardship and poverty manage to live courageous and meaningful lives. May we at GHPS be able to express our care and the care of our donors, as well as our faith in God, our country and its people through our work for many years to come.”



  • 23 years of uninterrupted service
  • 3 974 counselling sessions
  • 1 498 individual
  • 48% children


  • 24 years of uninterrupted service
  • 3 226 counselling sessions
  • 2 209 individual
  • 44% children
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  • 25 years of uninterrupted service
  • 2 476 counselling sessions
  • 1 327 individual
  • 45% children
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