The staff of Good Hope Psychological Services (GHPS) are all wearing green ribbons during the National Child Protection Week and are also urging others to do the same. The green ribbon refers to life and growth!

By wearing the green ribbon you:

  • show support for the promotion of rights, care, and protection of our children.
  • show that you care and support National Child Protection Week.
  • show victims and survivors that people are united in their support.
  • show the importance of partnership to tackle child abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

This year we also decided to partner with #WorldFosterDay to raise awareness and celebrate the parents who have taken up the task to serve the vulnerable children of South Africa in this regard. See for more information on this initiative.

Watch our staff in support of #worldfosterday2020: Staff Video

For Child Protection Week – and as a psychological service – we realized the importance to educate our clients on:

Children are like trees;

if you don’t take care of a sprout,

 it will never give you fruits

                                            – Ankita Bhatt

Written by Marli Goosen
[email protected].