I have a sexual molestation background with all the abandonment and other abuse issues that accompany this sort of situation: In the past I was forbidden by my family to go for therapy.

Everything in my life intensified at the age of thirty. When I moved to the States at the age of 24, I was far from recovery, but now at age 30 I have gone into healing.

Severely damaged, I have come through 17 years of help and am currently much better. I have come to a place where I am working quite well job wise (for about six years in the states I was unable to). I worked on my issues, namely insecurity, fear and rejection.

I’m looking to continue treatment until I don’t need it anymore, hoping to become completely rid of all my insecurities and hang-ups, which manifest in procrastination, depression, headaches, and tension.

Counselling at the Stellenbosch Hospital has been an absolute lifesaver to me, since I have been in great need of help due to my dysfunctional background and since I am financially very short of support.

Without this service, as a single parent of two children, I would definitely not have been able to cope at all. I am eternally grateful for this help and as I have said, would not have been able to cope without it.

I sincerely pray that I can continue to make use of this valuable service. This service has been very professional and I have seen counsellors at the hospital over the past six years.

PLEASE don’t stop. Thanks so very much.

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